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We use special lighting to remove any hair that is visible. We are very fussy in making sure your waxing treatment lasts you the maximum time. A good beauty therapist is a perfectionist, doing the perfect job, that's why we are Beauty with Perfection.

Waxing for Her

  • Eyebrow Wax
    $ 24
  • Eyebrow Shaping
    $ 26
  • Lip Wax
    $ 17
  • Chin Wax
    from $ 18
  • Chin & Lower Throat
    $ 25
  • Eyebrow, Lip & Chin
    $ 55
  • Sides of Face Wax
    $ 22
  • Full Face Wax
    $ 62
  • Underarm Wax
    $ 23
  • Arm Wax
    $ 38
  • Tummy Wax
    from $ 17
  • Full Leg Wax
    $ 59
  • 3/4 Leg Wax
    $ 49
  • Half Leg Wax
    $ 39
  • Feet & Toes
    $ 12
  • Bikini Line Only
    from $ 28
  • G String Wax (women)
    from $ 40
  • Extended G String Wax (women)
    $ 49
  • Brazilian Wax (women)
    from $ 72
  • Brazilian Wax (follow up within 6 weeks of last wax)
    from $ 65
  • Sphynx Wax
    from $ 79
  • Full Leg and Bikini
    $ 82
  • Full Leg and G-String
    $ 94
  • Full Leg and Brazilian
    from $ 119

Waxing for Him

  • Male Brazilian
    from $ 99
  • Male Full Leg Wax
    from $ 69
  • Male Chest Wax
    $ 60
  • Male Back Wax
    $ 60
  • Male Arm Wax
    $ 53
  • Ear Wax
    $ 17
  • Nostril Wax
    $ 12
  • Mono Brow
    $ 12
Tinting / Tanning

Tinting / Tanning

We have researched the best tints for the best results. We can guarantee the best eyelash and eyebrow tinting. We only use Black Magic premium spray tans which has a great selection of colours for your perfect tan. We use barrier creams and have trained on the Gold Coast with the latest technology for a no stress amazing tan.


  • Eyelash Tint
    $ 23
  • Brow Tint
    $ 17
  • Lash & Brow Tint
    $ 37

Spray Tan

  • Full Body Tan
    $ 39
  • Half Body Tan
    $ 32
  • Regular bookings Full Body (Fortnightly)
    $ 36
Perfection Eyes

Perfection Eyes

  • Eyebrow Wax, Brow Tint & Eyelash Tint
    $ 59
  • Eyelash Lift
    $ 69
  • Eyelash Lift including Lash Tint
    $ 80
  • Hanna Brows
    $ 35
  • Hanna Brows & Brow Wax
    $ 59
  • Hanna Brows, Brow Wax & Eyelash Tint
    $ 79

Eyelash Extensions

We offer full sets of eyelash extensions, ¾ sets or ½ sets, making your lashes full and amazing. We offer high quality synthetic lashes or silk eyelash extensions and educate you on how your lashes can last you the longest.
  • Half Set
    $ 70 (Russian $ 90)
  • ¾ Set
    $ 90 (Russian $ 110)
  • Full Set
    $ 125 (Russian $ 145)
Tinting / Tanning


We offer high definition or air brush makeup to provide results that will take your breath away. We realise how important these special events are and we want to make you feel so beautiful and have amazing photos you will have forever.
  • Day Makeup (Zazi Mineral Makeup)
    $ 75
  • High Definition Inglot Makeup
    $ 95
  • Party Lashes
    $ 16


We are very fussy to get the best results and make your hands and feet feel like new. We offer very advanced nail products to get the best long lasting results


  • Perfection Pedicure 30 mins
    $ 55
    Warm foot soak, nail file & shape, cuticle treatment, buffing of heels, hot towel and a polish to finish.
  • Deluxe Pedicure 45 mins
    $ 65
    Warm foot soak, nail file & shape, cuticle treatment, exfoliation treatment, buffing of heels, hot towel, moisturising massage and polish to finish.
  • Callus Treatment with Pedicure
    $ 32


  • Perfection Manicure 30 mins
    $ 50
    Nail file & shape, cuticle treatment, hot towel, moisturising massage and polish to finish.
  • Deluxe Manicure 45 mins
    $ 60
    Nail file & shape, cuticle treatment, exfoliation treatment, hot towel, moisturising massage & polish to finish.

CND Shellac

We only offer CND Shellac as this is the highest quality Shellac available. We offer discounts with pedicures and manicures including Shellac so we can offer the best and most professional nail services.
  • Shellac
    $ 45
  • Shellac French
    $ 47
  • Shellac Removals
  • Add Nail File & Shape (to Shellac)
    $ 10
  • Add CND Shellac to any Pedi/Mani or Nail enhancements
    $ 24

Hydrating Hot Paraffin Treatments

  • Deep moisturising hot paraffin treatment
    $ 24
  • With another treatment
    $ 20

Nail Enhancements

We are your specialists in acrylic, gel and SNS nails. We offer hand painted nail art and we care for your natural nails.

Nail Essentials

  • Nail Paint French
    $ 26
  • Nail Paint Only
    $ 24
  • Children Nail paints includ. nail art (under 14)
    $ 16
  • Buff & Polish
  • Temporary Party Tips
    $ 66
  • Nail Trim
    $ 16
  • Nails Enhancement removals
    from $ 37

Gel Nails

  • Full Set of Clear
    $ 85
  • Full Set of French
    $ 89
  • Infills Clear
    $ 57
  • Infills French
    from $ 62
  • Repairs with infill per nail
    from $ 6
  • Gel Overlay
    $ 77
  • Full Set Gel Nails with Glitter Tips
    $ 97

Nail Art

  • Nail Art Full Set
    from $ 16
  • Per nail
    $ 4
  • Glitter
    $ 8
  • Gel overlay over acrylic
    $ 9
  • Diamante
    $ 3

Acrylic Nails/SNS Nails

  • Full Set Plain
    $ 85
  • Full Set French
    $ 89
  • Acrylic Overlay
    $ 76
  • French Infill
    from $ 62
  • Acrylic Infill including UV top coat
    from $ 57
  • Acrylic Glitter infill with gel overlay
    from $ 71
  • Repairs with Infill per nail
    from $ 6
  • Full Set with glitter tips & gel overlay
    $ 97
  • Acrylic Infill gel overlay
    $ 65
Ear & Body Piercing

Ear Piercing (over 18yrs experience, includes earrings)

Ear Piercing is our specialty. We are very fussy in making sure all our piercings are even and perfect. We offer dual ear piercing so one click and it's all done which is very important for anyone under the age of 15. We also make a fuss and offer lollies to make the experience as memorable as possible. If anyone is nervous and changes their mind we do not mind. It's all about great memories and good experiences.
  • Dual Ear Piercing (2 ears together)
    $ 48
  • Single Ear Piercing
    $ 28
  • Top Ear Piercing
    $ 45
Body Treatment

We offer amazing relaxation massages or if you require a deep tissue massage for relief of pain and tight muscles we can make a difference. We are always up for any new challenges using pressure points. We also offer hot stone massage and lymphatic drainage massages and we create great results for our clients.

(Deep tissue or Aromatherapy, suited for individual requirements.)


  • Neck and Shoulder Massage 15mins
    $ 39
  • Back Massage 30mins
    $ 62
  • Leg Massage 30mins
    $ 62
  • 45 min Massage
    $ 73
  • Full Body Massage 60mins
    $ 90
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage Full Body 75 mins
    $ 99
  • Half Body
    $ 69

Hot Stone Massage

  • Hot Stone Back 30mins
    $ 69
  • Hot Stone Full Body 60mins
    $ 99
  • Hot Stone Full Body 90mins
    $ 129

Body Treatment

We would love to pamper you with any of our body treatments or sea salt exfoliators. Feel fresh, new and ready to take on the world.
  • Scalp, hand or foot Massage 15mins
    $ 34
  • Full Body Pure Earth Sea Salt Exfoliation 60mins
    $ 90
  • Back Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment 60mins
    $ 100
  • Purifying Fruit Acid Foot or Hand Treatment 45mins
    $ 69

Body Wraps (75 mins)

  • Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage Wrap
    $ 125
  • Nourishing & Hydration Wrap
    $ 125
  • Relaxation Wrap
    $ 125

Algologie Skin Therapy Menu

  • Algologie Mini Relax Facial (30 mins)
    $ 69
    Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, complimentary resurfacing stone, massage and finishing products.
  • Algologie Mini Mask Facial (30 mins)
    $ 69
    Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, complimentary resurfacing stone, mask, scalp massage and finishing products.

Resurfacing & Peeling Skin Treatments

Intensive removal of damaged cells, resurfacing and revealing healthy skin cells.
  • Enzyme Peeling
    $ 89
  • Fruit Acid Peeling
    $ 89
  • Fruit Acid Herbal Peel
    $ 99
  • Marine Stone Peeling
    $ 89


Re-establishing new healthy cell structures while re-building health back in your skin.
  • Re-Mineralising Treatment
    $ 110

    This facial is a great 1st time facial to repair your skin and begin the first phase of renewal to occur. Allowing your home care to penetrate deeper into the skin for ultimate results. Includes -deep cleansing, extreme resurfacing and intensive infusing of active ingredients using electrical equipment and massage with scientifically researched actives.

  • The Ultimate Vitamin C Facial
    $ 110

    A vital nutrient rich Skin Treatment for the repair of sun damaged skin using vitamin C in the proven form of L-Ascorbic acid that has been encapsulated and stabilised, for proven results.

    Treatment includes a stone resurfacing treatment, enzyme or fruit acid mask, Vitamin C serum and vitamin C mask that reverses the effects of UV damage and prevents age spots and reduces fine lines. Intensive infusing of products using electrical equipment. Ideal for Rosacea, Capillary and Couperouse Skin.

  • Oxygen 02 Facial Treatment
    $ 110

    Blasting Oxygen into the skin for great results. With the latest technology and the most advanced research we bring a treatment for the sallow tired and dull skin. Including Ginseng and Gingko Biloba for that extra stimulation of circulation and blood flow.

    Includes stone resurfacing treatment, enzyme or fruit acid mask for resurfacing and removal of dead skin cells, oxygen flushing away toxins, increasing lymphatic drainage, removal and management of puffiness, increasing microcirculation to assure firmness and tone with less effects from free radicals.

  • Collagen Eye Treatment (add to any Facial)
    $ 42

    Pure collagen to refine lines

Specific Skin Therapy

  • Acne and Teenage Skin Treatment
    $ 99

    Using the latest researched and scientific treatments available to us, we aim to cleanse and remove bacteria to prevent future problematic conditions. A combination of organic ingredients and superior state of the art equipment we are able to assist in managing acne/oily and problematic skin conditions draw out impurities and remove bacteria. Our advice for long term care is imperative for long term results.

    Ask about our discounted acne treatment packages for 6 or more facials only $79 per facial.

  • Marine Garden Facial Treatment
    $ 99

    For all skin types. The first step to healthy skin utilising the benefits of the sea to nourish, oxygenate skin cells, increase circulation and restore the skins optimum levels of hydration by flooding the skin with proteins, trace elements, minerals, vitamins, and EFA’s therefore increasing the skins metabolic functions. Your skin will become clear, radiant and balanced. Remineralisation is the first essential step.

  • Sensitive Skin Facial Treatment
    $ 155

    High Tolerance formula that is enriched with Laminaria Ochroleuca extract (and much more) which protects and comforts sensitive skin, calming redness and sensitivity and strengthens the hydro lipid film. Therefore improving skin tolerance and calming neurosensory reactions. Calms heat, redness, tingling and irritation. Ideal for the rosacea and couperouse skin.

  • Lift & Lumiere Facial Treatment
    $ 155

    This treatment is targeting the skin as it begins to show signs of ageing. Lines and loss of elasticity, dark spots and pigmentation, open pores, collagen growth factors and skin lightening.

    This very intensive facial includes removing of congestion and infusing products deep into the skin for a very much brighter, clearer, lighter skin.

  • Plumping & Redensifying Facial
    $ 155

    Due to Algologie biotechnology we can provide anti-aging benefits with cellular repair. As our skin begins to age further and our hormones change so too does our skin. These very researched and intensive treatments and products are the latest in in anti-age research and development from the shores of Brittany.

    Look forward to an improved texture and reduced signs of fine line and wrinkles. These facial treatments and products have a proven action on the stimulation facial adipocytes so as to plump the skin intensely.

  • Vitamin A Warm Occlusive Facial
    $ 155

    For skin needing a ‘big drink of nourishment’. In particular Vitamin A. For dry dehydrated and sun damaged skin. When our skin struggles to stay regulated this is what you need!

    The warm thermal “Occlusive” mask including a huge blast of AHA’s helps to infuse active ingredients and Vitamin A in large amounts to nourish the skin while Vitamin A is a proven anti-age ingredient, aiding with plumping, fine lines and wrinkles.